Check what our patients are saying about us.

We just had our baby and had such great care from this practice and Dr. Lakner. The pregnancy was easy but had some issues, and Dr. Lakner took the time to go over everything and make sure my questions were answered. He handled the delivery well and got along great with my husband as well. Would highly recommend him and the others in his group.

~ Fran Z.

Dr. Lakner is very nice and patient. Dr. Lakner delivered my daughter. I felt very comfortable with him, he took my high risk pregnancy very seriously. He came in to my room to check up on me and made sure that the procedure he did to me after the delivery went well. I would highly recommend him. The Rockville office and Germantown office receptionists were friendly.

~ Adele A.

Great doc with expertise! He has taken care of me and many of my friends. Great staff and I feel very comfortable with him. May have to wait a while but he’s very reassuring and goes over every detail. 🙂

~ Anonymous

I love seeing Dr. Lakner. While he is very busy, he takes the time to review my chart so he knows everything about me. He is thorough and has gotten me through 2 difficult pregnancies. I would trust him with any issues that I have. While I would like to spend more time at each visit, he takes enough time to cover it all. He is very compassionate and cares about his patients. Highly recommended!

~ M.R.

Best Doctor!

I have been a patient of Dr. Elias’ for 20 years and truly believe he is the best doctor out there. His diagnosis is always 100% correct and without a doubt his through manner and follow-up are better than I have ever had in my life. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Elias!

~ Linda

I absolutely love Dr. Elias. He is thorough and caring. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family.

~ YEEvans

I have been seeing Dr. Elias for about 8 years and I think he is great. Very kind, sympathetic, understanding, and knowledgeable.

~ A Google User

She was very caring, attentive and above all very pro-active in my care during my pregnancy and took the time to explain everything. She even stopped by on the day of my delivery, even though she was not on call that day, just to make me feel good!!.. How many docs do that nowadays?

~ V. Krishnan

Fantastic !!! It’s hard to find a doctor like Dr.Grossman. I recommend him 100%. See for yourself. I’ve never had a doctor that I can give 5

~ Tina G.

Awesome Doctor

I know Dr. Grossman for 23 years now and he is the best. I have a bicorneus uterus and a pelvic cystic kidney, making very hard or difficult for me to get pregnant. My pregnancies and deliveries were very dangerous but I was able to delivered, by c section, 2 children. His respectful and very skillful care made me to continue (even to this day) to drive about 50 miles just to make sure that he is the one physician who I will always trust for all my reproductive health issues. I could be waiting in the office during a doctor’s visit and if he knows I am in the waiting room, he will come out and greet me by name and ask for my husband (also by name). He is a GREAT man and a GREAT doctor!

~ Lillian G.

Great Group!!

I have been going to Dr. Grossman for 23 years. Very kind, gentle bedside manner. Hes a great surgeon also. I have sent every woman I know to Dr. Grossman and group, including my daughter and all her friends. I have met all the other Drs. on rotation and they are just as thorough. Nice to be in such great hands with your health care. Any time Ive called the health line, I am called back within 30 minutes. Great staff. Very friendly and helpful. Usual wait is no more then15 minutes

~ Anonymous

Dr. Grossman is a kind and caring professional who is an excellent doctor. He delivered all 3 of my children and I was very grateful to have him on staff that night. I now live 45 minutes from his practice, but will drive the distance to still see him for check-ups. He has a quiet demeanor, but is highly thorough and cares for his patients. He will always answer all questions.

~ Megan

She seems to truly care about her patients, she takes her time with you and answers any questions. She is gentle and caring. I would recommend her to anyone!

~ Anonymous

She’s the best ob/gyn I’ve ever had. My spouse and I are moving back to the OMV in a month and looking forward to scheduling with Dr. Laurin!

~ Anonymous

To all the staff at Capital Women’s Care, Thank You! for the constant support and warm greetings from your amazing admin staff  to the extraordinary care and concern from each and every doctor in the office you all have made our pregnancy and birth so easy!  Welcome baby Giselle Brianna.

Thank you all again!
Our sincerest gratitude.

~ Stephanie & Chris